ROCK & ICE CLIMBING2023-11-15T13:45:15+00:00
Student ice climbing

Rock and ice climbing at North Country School offer multiple benefits to children. Physically, climbing has been shown to improve spatial awareness and motor skills, while building endurance and a stronger, less injury-prone body. Additionally, the NCS climbing program encourages communication and listening skills while building determination, self-confidence, and concentration.

Under the watchful eye of trained and experienced climbing instructors, students learn the basics of harness adjustment and knot tying. Instructors teach climbing commands, belaying, and safety techniques specific to different styles of climbing.

Rock and ice climbing are popular outdoor activities. Most students try climbing at some point during the year, and many participate during out-times and on weekends.

Students trying rock climbing for the first time and those with years of experience come to love our on-site, 36-route cliff known as Dave’s Crag. The Crag is a ten-minute hike from the center of campus and is a unique natural site. It offers different levels and styles of climbing.

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