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Students who complete course work in the Outdoor Leadership Program will be challenged as they step outside of their comfort zones. They will feel well-equipped, whether they are in nature or in their community. They will have planned and co-led trips in the mountains and be adept at decision making. By equipping children with the knowledge and skills to prepare for a journey, we foster the collaboration, good decision-making skills, and strong leadership qualities that will enhance each child’s personal journey into adulthood.

The first-year curriculum of our enhanced Outdoor Leadership Program is intentionally modeled on the premise that a child can plan, guide, and make informed decisions during a trip. Our instructors teach students to understand and value nature while instilling essential knowledge in the hard skills required for a lifetime of safely and responsibly enjoying the outdoors. The program draws upon North Country School’s existing philosophy of community building by focusing on adventuring and working as a group, and it neatly aligns with our hands-on, place-based education model by getting students outside in an informative and engaging way.

The following Outdoor Program classes are offered:

Fall: Backpacking, Land Navigation, Wilderness First Aid, Leave No Trace Principles, and Intro to Rock Climbing

Winter: Avalanche Training, Winter Camping, Backcountry Ski Touring, and Ice Climbing

Spring: Rock Climbing, Paddling, Backpacking, Trip Planning, and Co-leading

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