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Student camping

Many NCS teachers are experienced hikers, paddlers, climbers and wilderness guides who enjoy sharing their love of the outdoors with their students. The Adirondack Mountains provide not only a scenic backdrop to our campus, but also an expansive backyard that connects our students to the natural world.

On Wednesday afternoons, students can sign up for one of several Saturday hikes, ranging from easy-to-intermediate half-day trips to full-day adventures up one or more of the 46 High Peaks. Lunch is packed and eaten on the trail, miles are logged, and, over time, students with a passion for the outdoors can become accomplished mountaineers. A culminating experience for our 9th graders is the Cascade Mountain ascent (4,098 feet).

Students looking to increase their “Mountain Cake” miles, our program that tracks the number of miles each student hikes, canoes and skis, often choose camping overnights or even double overnights. Students of all ability levels are welcome to join overnight trips on which students sleep in tents or lean-tos, practice outdoor cooking and search the sky for constellations.

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