Isaac Vesery


Director of Teaching and Learning for the Upper School, Grade 9 Global Issues, and Co-Primary Houseparent

Isaac joined the NCS community in 2019 after several years working in experiential education around the Northeast. Isaac graduated from Brandeis University in 2014, where he studied music, anthropology, and business and consequently discovered his passion for teaching. Isaac first taught interdisciplinary, project-based learning at a private school in Massachusetts before venturing further into the world of experiential education. From more traditional middle and high school programs to classrooms on mountains, in kelp forests, in the woods, and on farms, Isaac has continually developed an appreciation for educational programs that adapt to the varying needs of individuals, communities, and environments. Isaac spends most of his free time outdoors, hiking, climbing, biking, and foraging, but is also quite content setting up camp indoors, enjoying a good book or board game. He is continually excited to share his love for interdisciplinary learning and the outdoors with the NCS community.