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Admissions FAQ


Is an application required before visiting campus?

You are not required to submit an application before visiting. However, we strongly recommend it, as the information provided in the application form allows us to make sure you get the most out of your time on campus.

How much is North Country School’s application fee?

We charge a $50 application fee for domestic students and $100 for international students.

What is North Country School’s school code?

Our school code is 5386.

When should I complete the application process to have the best chance of acceptance?

International applicants who would like to be considered in the first round of decisions should complete their applications by December 15th.

Domestic applicants should complete their applications by January 15th.

We will continue to accept applications after these dates until all available spaces have been filled.

When is the financial aid application deadline for new students?

We recommend completing the financial aid process by February 1st, or upon completion of the application process. Financial aid for new families is awarded after the process is completed for re-enrolling families receiving financial aid awards.

Does North Country School offer merit scholarships?

We only award need-based financial aid.

How many students receive financial aid? How much do students receive?

About 35% of our students receive financial aid. Awards range from several thousand dollars to more than $55,000.

Can international students apply for financial aid?

While most of our financial aid is allotted to domestic students, we do welcome financial aid applications for students applying from under-represented countries. Please reach out to us if you have questions about your eligibility.

Do you accept single-year 9th grade students?

We do accept a small number of well-qualified 9th grade students each year.

What grades can boarding students apply for?

We accept boarding students from grades 4-9.

Does North Country School issue I-20s for international students?

Yes, as a certified SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program) school, we are able to issue Form I-20s for fully-enrolled students to use when applying for an F-1 student visa.


Should my child bring a computer, cell phone, or any other devices?

Your child does not need to bring any personal devices. North Country School will provide a Chromebook to use for classwork. Devices are not allowed to be used during free time with the exception of 9th grade students, who are permitted use of their cell phones during set hours each week. For more information on our technology policy, please see our Family Handbook: Students and Technology, page 12.

How will I communicate with my child while at school, and how often?

Each child has two regularly-scheduled phone calls home each week. Each house also has an iPad that can be used to Zoom with families during scheduled times. Our media center can also be used to send emails.

Does everyone have a roommate, and what are rooms like?

Most students do have a roommate, with occasional triples or singles.

What are meals like at North Country School?

North Country School’s meals are home-cooked with an emphasis on food from our farm and from other local sources. Food is served family-style with five students and one teacher at each table. Following meals, there is time for students and faculty to make announcements to the community.

What are the weekend activities?

Saturday trips are often outdoors, including activities such as hiking, rock climbing, skiing and horseback riding. They can occasionally also include trips to cultural events, museums, and performances. Sunday mornings are relaxed, with a later breakfast and study hall time. Sunday afternoon activities include activities such as baking, playing board games, watching movies or spending time in the art room.

Are students able to attend religious services?

We will make every effort to allow students to continue to practice their faith. Unfortunately, in-person options are limited in our rural area. There is a weekly Sunday-morning church trip. Jewish students are able to attend special services at our local temple, which is only open on major holidays.

When can families visit with students during the year?

Families are welcome to visit their children on the weekends. Visits should be arranged with our Dean of Students, Joe Shapiro.

What is the vacation schedule for the year?

Please see our Academic Calendar for more information about school vacations.

What transportation options are available for students going to and from NCS, including airport pick-up options?

We chaperone travel to/from New York City (Upper East Side) and the following airports: JFK, Albany, Plattsburgh and Saranac Lake (Adirondack Regional Airport). For more information, please refer to page 19 of our Family Handbook.

What is the process of selecting a Secondary School?

Our secondary school counselors work with our 9th grade students and their families to help with the process of applying to and enrolling at a secondary school. For more information, please visit: Secondary School Placement

If you have additional questions, please reach out to Bill Newman, Director of Admission, at  or at (518) 523-9329.

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