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Grade 9 leadership

At North Country School, we view leadership as a form of service. This helps our students recognize that being selfless members of a community is an inclusive act that develops character and social responsibility. A North Country School education forges resilience and confidence in our students, giving them the sense of self necessary to lead by doing.

As the oldest members of our student community, ninth graders are taught to model the behaviors and characteristics expected of curious, responsible members of the community, setting the tone for the younger students on campus throughout the year. Leadership is learned through serving as mentors in their houses, at the barn, completing daily chores and community work-jobs, leading council at mealtimes, hiking or camping on the weekends, participating in sports and other outdoor activities, as well as our annual all-school spring theater production.

Our ninth graders preserve the culture that has always existed at North Country School, and they do it and learn it through the hands-on experience of a North Country School education.

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