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About Us

Todd Ormiston


Welcome to North Country School, a junior boarding and day school that prides itself on educating and nurturing children today in such a way that they develop the resourcefulness and skills they need for tomorrow. For over 80 years, North Country School has achieved this by placing daily and equal emphases on arts, outdoor education, and farm and garden, and by upholding values, such as our commitment to the environment and the importance of working together as a community.

Our community thrives because of the meaningful relationships our students form with their teachers and house parents. From these talented educators and with one another, our students gain creativity and confidence. Across all disciplines, our curriculum goes beyond learning by doing to knowing by doing, a mastery that comes only through participation and engagement.

Confidence, creativity, mastery, and knowledge: these are what students carry with them from North Country School.


Todd Ormiston
Executive Director
North Country School, Camp Treetops, and Rock-E House & Basecamp

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