• grit
    Chores on a cold Adirondack morning are tough.

    GRIT acquired at NCS breeds success well beyond.

  • creativity
    Art every day. Words we’ve lived by since 1938.

    CREATIVITY developed at NCS sparks innovative thinking.

  • community
    Strengthen each one by supporting the all.

    COMMUNITY learned at NCS creates gifted collaborators.

  • confidence
    Small classes. Inspired teaching. Engaged kids.

    CONFIDENCE built at NCS makes lifelong learners.

  • flourish
    Come north and flourish.

    At North Country School, children thrive.


About North Country School

Founded in 1938, North Country School sits among mountain peaks in the six million-acre Adirondack Park, just outside Lake Placid, NY. Our 200-acre campus features a working farm, extensive gardens, and alpine wilderness that provide hands-on opportunities for learning and growth. Here boys and girls in grades 4-9 benefit from a literal and metaphorical breath of fresh mountain air; our children thrive in a humanely paced program that features equal parts academics, arts, work, and play. The guidance of talented, committed adults and a strong, diverse community instill in students values of simple living and environmental responsibility. With a unique mix of inspiring people, place, and programs, North Country School helps students to flourish.

From our Blog

Daily Photos 10-23-2014


Posted in Daily Photos
on October 23, 2014

Damp, foggy weather has persisted for the past several days, but from barn chores to the classroom, campus remains as active as ever. This past weekend, a group of students visited the Storm King Arts Centre. Rehearsals for the Thanksgiving production of The Lion King are in full swing. ESY students are busy perfecting their self-created cooking ...More

Daily Photos 10-22-14


Posted in Daily Photos
on October 22, 2014

Yesterday afternoon, students visited with Lindsay Tam Holland, former NCS student and author. Her first YA novel, The Counterfeit Family Tree of Vee Crawford Wong, was published in 2013. Lindsay addressed the student body and conducted writing workshops.

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